As a typical example for a Nordic welfare regime, Sweden is characterised by a strong state evenly providing elderly and childcare services through redistribution of general taxes in support of equality and social cohesion.

However, in 2006 only less than a quarter of all Swedes had negative attitudes towards undeclared work, which continued to be widespread in households. These attitudes have changes since the introduction of the RUT and ROT avdrag tax reduction schemes aimed at home renovation and household services.

The latter have further proved an efficient instrument for the support of caring relatives, too, as the population of older persons is constantly growing and cutbacks in publicly provided institutional care have not been compensated by an increase in publicly provided domestic services.

List of PHS Stakeholders

Almega – the Employers’ Organisation for the Swedish Service Sector




Kommunal  – the Swedish Municipal Workers’ Union


Swedish Kommuner och Regioner (SKR) – the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions


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