The Dutch government’s declared aim is to move from a welfare state to a “participation society” built on citizens’ self-reliance and networking. Large parts of the social security system have been devolved to the municipalities, which are expected to follow an integrated approach to social services, while offering solutions tailored to each individual case. Against this background, individuals are encouraged both to get involved with their local communities and to seek out communities and networks to help provide needed services, often looking to family, friends and neighbours for support. These developments may lead to the emergence of innovative, locally integrated models for PHS provision offering stable employment relationships such as Buurtzorg, but they also imply that previously formal PHS arrangements are transformed into informal and unpaid work

List of PHS Stakeholders
Ondernemersorganisatie Schoonmaak- en Bedrijfsdiensten - OSB

Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers - VNO-NCW


Federatie Nederlandse Vakbeweging (FNV)

Care 2 Get There



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