From the perspective of PHS provision, Italy can be characterised as Mediterranean welfare regime, with a strong presence of the family as a main actor and long tradition of subordinate domestic work relationships.

The historical stability of this arrangement results in the prevalence of informal employment in the sector, which affects about 601 per cent of the employees at present.

As the employer side is mainly represented by families and families occupy a central position in the political discourse, there is hope for specific state interventions in support of the sector. However, the policies put in place to reduce undeclared work in the domestic sector are few and insufficient so far.

List of PHS Stakeholders

Assindatcolf. National Association of Domestic Employers

DOMINA - Associazione Nazionale Famiglie Datori di Lavoro Domestico

APICOLF - FEDERCOLF - Sindacato dei Lavoratori al servizio della Persona

FISASCAT - CISL - Federazione Italiana Sindacati Addetti Servizi Commerciali Affini Turismo

FILCAMS - CGIL - Federazione Italiana Lavoratori Commercio, Turismo e Servizi

UILTuCS - Unione Italiana Lavoratori Commercio, Turismo e Servizi

Federsolidarietà Confcooperative



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