Ad-PHS project’s workshop in Finland

On Monday, November  30, 2020, EFFAT organized an online workshop to review the current state of PHS in Finland as well as to share promising practices and connect various stakeholders.

To start off the workshop, Kerstin Howald (EFFAT) gave a presentation of the project.

Following that, Miia KULMALA, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Paivi KANTANEN, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and Laura TUOMINEN (JHL) introduced and discussed the current dynamics of the PHS sector(s) in Finland.

Kerstin Howald (EFFAT) presented a review of the Finland Country Report that was developed in light of the Ad-PHS project. The presentation and the following discussion gave a vision on the national context, which fueled a discussion on overlap and differences with regards to the PHS situation in different areas of Finland. This enables the report to be more comprehensive and detailed. Afterwards, there were presented the case of service vouchers for domestic work in Belgium, which elicited lively discussions with the participants.

Lastly, a roundtable on the future of Personal and Household Services in Finland concluded the workshop with the involvement of all participants.