Ad-PHS project: Position Paper on Improving the working conditions of PHS workers

Demand for Personal and Household Services (both care and non-care services) is growing rapidly in Europe, particularly in response to the ageing population.

However, domestic workers continue to be exposed to bad working conditions, exacerbated by a lack of state regulation and monitoring procedures at a local level.

As a result, the Advancing Personal and Household Services (Ad-PHS) Project aimed to create a common discursive framework around PHS among different actors in 21 EU Member States and engaged thus in a joint communication effort. In this context, the current state of the PHS sectors was recorded and compared for those member states, and gaps or loopholes were also identified in terms of protection and working conditions for the workers.

In order to support public authorities and other stakeholders in the development of PHS policies and activities, the Ad-PHS partners have elaborated a series of thematic guidelines covering key aspects of the working conditions of domestic workers and issued recommendations to be followed by public authorities which ensure that PHS workers are provided with the same rights and entitlements as other workers.

Read here the POSITION PAPER.