Ad-PHS project’s workshop in Estonia

On October 29, 2020, the Estonian webinar of the “Ad-PHS project” organized by EFFE took place. Initially scheduled for March, the latter had to be postponed due to the deterioration of the health situation in Europe.
The objectives of the workshop were to introduce the Ad-PHS project, to connect various PHS stakeholders, to review the current state of PHS in Estonia.

During the workshop, Jean-François Lebrun, former PHS specialist at the European Commission introduced the PHS situation at EU level. Next Tiina Kangro, Founder of the Estonian Carer Union and former member of the Estonian Parliament introduced the PHS situation in Estonia and its development. This was followed by a review of the Country report for Estonia moderated by Aude Boisseuil, General delegate of EFFE where all participants could give their outputs and feedback on the drafted document.

This enables the report to be more comprehensive and detailed. In the afternoon, Their interest in the topics presented and in the upcoming conference has been noted.
This webinar allowed local stakeholders to gather and discuss the specificities of the Estonian situation. For example, the Estonian Constitution recognizes personal and household services but does not identify them as belonging to the same sector. It delegates their management to local authorities which act according to the law on social protection.