Ad-PHS project’s workshop in Romania

On February 11, 2020, the Ad-PHS project partners hosted a workshop in Bucharest, Romania. This Workshop was attended by Aurelie Decker (EFSI), Thomas Bignal, and Renaud Scheuer (EASPD).

The objectives of the workshop were to introduce the Ad-PHS project, to connect various PHS stakeholders, to review the current state of PHS in Romania, as well as to present guidelines and promising practices.

The workshops was hosted by the Romanian network Dizabnet and gathered a diversity of speakers representing public authorities, trade unions, persons with disabilities’ organizations, service providers, academics, and other relevant stakeholders.

During the workshop, Diana Chiriacescu from FONSS gave a presentation of the Romanian PHS sectors. This was followed by a review of the Country report for Romania moderated by the partners and including all the participants.

This enable the report to be more comprehensive and detailed. In the afternoon, Thomas Bignal and Aurelie Decker presented the guidelines on Social dialogue structures and Social vouchers, which elicited lively discussions with the participants. Their interest in the topics presented and in the upcoming conference has been noted.