EASPD Webinar: Ensuring Staff Continuity in Social Services during the COVID-19 pandemic

Across Europe (and the world), social service providers are struggling in dealing with the crisis, in particular regarding how to guarantee both the continuity of essential care & support services and ensure that social workers can continue to work as safely and healthily as possible.  Professionals in social services provide day-to-day care and support to millions of people in Europe, many of whom are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19.  
This webinar will bring together experts who will present and discuss their actions and ideas regarding 

  • How to manage continuity of crucial care provision in times of crisis? What Services should be prioritized?
  • How to ensure that care and support workers can continue to work in the healthiest and safest conditions?  
  • How can we guarantee sufficient social care and support workers in the weeks to come when/if the pandemic spreads further? Is there a role for volunteers and health and social work students
  • What role for public authorities in helping social service providers to deal with the crisis? 

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