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The Autumn Winter 2019 ETUI Health and Safety at Work magazine focuses on Migrant Workers in a Fortress Europe. In this regard, two articles focus namely on the precarious and exploitative working conditions that female migrant domestic workers must endure.

The article drafted by Aurélie Decker (Director of the European Federation for Services to Individuals) and Jean-François Lebrun (Personal services specialist) – The status of migrant female domestic workers in Europe: time for an overhaul – provides a broad overview on the situation of domestic workers across the European Union and outlines key recommendations and examples of good practices to improve the migrant female workforce working conditions.

The article drafted by Berta Chulvi (journalist) – The “home front”. How migrant domestic workers cope with unfettered exploitation – explores in detail the extremely exploitative conditions – including sexual harassment and psychological mistreatment – suffered by foreign – usually undocumented – female domestic workers in Spain.

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