Ad-PHS project’s workshop in Spain

EFFE together with AESPD, the Spanish association for personal services organized on June 25 in Madrid the national Ad-PHS seminar. Taking place at the Representation of the European Commission in Spain, it gathered numerous Spanish institutional and civil society actors.

Firstly, Aude Boisseuil, EFFE General Delegate, presented the Country in focus document. Stakeholders actively participated in the revision of this report, providing significant contributions, both for the care and non-care sectors.

Participants thus completed and validated the country fiche while insisting on the specificity of the Spanish sector. The “care” component falls under the scope of the 2006 Dependency Act, which structures both workers and employers’ organizations. The non-care component falls under the 2012 Royal Decree.

Secondly, two panel discussions focused respectively on social dialogue and voucher systems allowing participants to discussed good practices.
The event gathered around 40 people: Several vouchers associations (Up Spain, Sodexo…), employers organisation (service providers), workers representatives, government, academics, associations (Caritas)…

Main outcome:
– Participants underlined that the country fiche was incomplete and corrected several mistakes orally. Then they committed themselves to send shortly after the event their outputs in writing
– Speakers put forward good practices in Spain on two topics :developing social dialogue structures and developing service voucher systems.
– Because the event took place at the European Commission representation, participants had the chance to get a European perspective because Ann Westman, European semester officer for the EU, made the link between Ad-PHS project and the European Pilar of Social Rights.